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Super Nintendo World Was Born To Play

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Over three years ago, Nintendo announced a partnership with Universal to build a Mario-themed attraction at Universal Studios Japan. The project was targeted for completion by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and it looks like they’re going to make that date, as the first promo ad for the park landed online this evening.

Actually, it’s more like a music video. For now, Super Nintendo World is exclusive to Japan, but the use of an international star like CharliXCX and the diverse appearance of the crowd suggests this video was meant to target everyone. Nintendo and Universal are hoping people will come all over the world for the Olympics, and stay for the park. And…why not, it looks like a blast.

I’ve brought this up before, but it seems appropriate now that we’re actually looking at a promo for a Nintendo theme park. Back when he was alive, Don LaFontaine used to do free voiceovers for student projects when asked (one of many reasons why he was awesome). One of these projects turned out to be a fake ad for a Nintendo theme park:

The name of the park is different and so is the location (Orlando), but with a little editing…the great Don could have introduced this park from beyond the grave. I like Charli but….we coulda had Don, man.

From what has been revealed, the park seems to be holding close to a strict Mario theme. There will be a Donkey Kong area, but that’s as encompassing as it gets — all those hoping for a trip to Hyrule or Planet Zebes may be disappointed. You will, however, be able to hold a Mario Kart race in real life using real go-karts, and who can truly feel let down when that’s in the mix?

Super Nintendo World will be opening in Universal Studios Japan later this year.