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Super Mario Odyssey Composer Talks The Different Music Of The Game

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What was the inspiration behind some of the songs of Super Mario Odyssey? What was their goals?

For titles like Super Mario Odyssey, it’s not enough to just make a good song, you have to make music that fills the entire game. And Odyssey most certainly had that. From new versions of classic songs, to the new hit song “Jump Up, Super Star!” the game had it all, and with the soundtrack coming out in Japan, some of the team decided to reflect on what the inspiration for the songs were.

Music lead Naoto Kubo said this:

This time Mario goes on a big adventure where he travels to countries with various uniqueness. If the music also changes drastically based on the country, then there’d be the feeling of a journey and it’d sound interesting! So the three of us made the music like this; myself, Koji Kondo, and Shiho Fujii.

Fossil Falls has an orchestra present a primitive world which gives the feel of the beginning of a big adventure. This song’s melody starts with wooden pipes, and then the horn, tin whistle, accordion, and strings gradually kick in. I hope you can feel the sound scenery that’s lush with colors.

Jump Up, Super Star! is especially made to be easy to get familiar with, and to make everyone happy! The composer and arranger Mr. Yoichi Murata arranged certain tracks with trombones, based on the New Donk City Festival Edition produced specifically for games. I think the songs may have become very fun to play.

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