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Super Mario Maker 2 Is Packed With New Features

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What did Nintendo reveal this afternoon about Super Mario Maker 2? A more accurate question would be what DIDN’T they reveal? We’re very impressed and can’t wait.

Super Mario Maker 2 is far more than just a port rescued from the wreckage of the Wii U. The sequel is a massive leap forward from its predecessor, packing in so many new features to play with, you’ll be building for months before you try them all. This list isn’t even half of them:

  • Slopes: Nintendo already revealed this one, but here it is again, one of the most demanded features that never made it into Super Mario Maker 1.
  • Angry Sun: One of Super Mario 3’s most feared enemies is now a Mario Maker option. Interestingly, there are now Night versions of the levels, and if you’re playing one, the Sun will turn into a Moon and help Mario instead.
  • Snake Block: Hop on it and it starts climbing on a fixed path.
  • Swinging Claw: We’ve come to the point where they’re starting to introduce new mechanics that were never part of any previous Mario game. The Claw can swing Mario across gaps or drop enemies onto his head.
  • On/Off Switch: Turn solid blocks into outlines, or vice-versa. Activate a traveling platform or make it stop. You decide what it’s for.
  • Boom-Boom: You know….that really easy boss Koopa that waves his arms and succumbs to three stomps on the head.

Mario Maker has a story mode this time: Peach’s castle has been wrecked and Mario has to build it by searching levels for parts. The levels you play in this mode have been entirely created by Nintendo themselves, but there are over 100.

super mario maker 2

We knew Super Mario 3D World would be one of the selectable styles, but it turns out to not just be a “style”….it’s a completely different type of Mario Maker game, with its own rules, options and enemies (there is even a CAR that will let you build racing levels). Because of this, Mario 3D World levels are fixed to that style and can’t be converted into an 8-bit or 16-bit format. But the fact that there’s essentially a second version of Super Mario Maker in here, just as functional as the first yet completely original on its own, is insane.

There is even a multiplayer mode. Yes, you and three other players can be sent to a random level where you’ll either have to cooperate together to beat it, or beat each other. These levels have to be built specifically for this purpose, as one-player modes work slightly differently, but it’s still very cool.

Super Mario Maker 2 will be out June 28 for Nintendo Switch. It will come with an option to purchase a year of Nintendo Switch Online (required for the game) at a discount, if you don’t already subscribe.