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Super Mario Maker 2 Gains World Maker Mode In Final Update

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We’re used to receiving big news from Nintendo in the wee hours of the morning, but this one came late at night: two days from now, Super Mario Maker 2 will be updated one last time. This is by no means a small update, though.

First off, there’s a World Maker Mode coming. We never thought we’d see it, but it will soon be possible to connect your levels via a hub map, and then play them sequentially, just like in a real Mario game. The look of the overworld maps are as customizable as the levels themselves, and you can have up to eight connected worlds with 40 levels altogether.

Some fans have expressed desire for a Super Mario 2 mode (or “Super Mario USA” as it’s known in Japan, since their Mario 2 was a harder version of Mario 1, not a hack of another game). Nintendo isn’t quite doing that, but it’s allowing Super Mario 2 mechanics to exist in other modes. Picking up a Mario 2 Mushroom will turn Mario into his Mario 2 sprite, and give him the ability to stand on enemies, lift and throw them. Be careful what you wish for, though…Phanto, who terrorized many an 80s child, will also be added along with the Cursed Keys that bring him to life.

Other additions come from across the Mario series…the Koopalings from Mario 3 are finally coming, along with Mario’s Frog Suit. So is the Power Balloon from Super Mario World, which comically fills Mario with helium. From Mario Bros. U comes the Super Acorn and the Boomerang Flower. And finally, the Propeller Box from Super Mario 3D Land.

While they were adding head wearables, they came up with some new ones. The video below brags that the Cannon Box “lets you shoot cannons from your face!” The POW Box lets you whammy everything on screen and is good for three uses. The Bullet Bill Box gives you the ability to shoot off in a horizontal direction a limited amount of times, and the Goomba Box gives you the disguise of a Goomba….what’s the use of that; well, enemies will not attack you if they think you’re one of them.

This final update packs in so many demanded features to Super Mario Maker 2 that we have no idea how Nintendo plans to top this whenever Mario Maker 3 comes out for Switch 2. Any thoughts? The update hits April 22 on Nintendo Switch.