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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Getting Inverted Camera Options

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

After rumors of its existence stretching back to March, Super Mario 3D All-Stars was revealed and released a month ago for Nintendo Switch. It’s got high-definition emulated remasters of the classic titles Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, along with a soundtrack feature that lets you listen to the excellent score for each. There’s a lot it doesn’t have, however.

Some didn’t understand why Nintendo ignored the existence of Super Mario Galaxy 2 (there is still no official explanation for that one, beyond the rumor that the emulation team just didn’t have time for four games). Some people found it strange that Super Mario Sunshine had been opened up to widescreen format, but Super Mario 64 hadn’t, despite the proof existing that a 16:9 view didn’t break anything (an unofficial widescreen version, based off rebuilt code, is not hard to find on the Internet). And some were just plain frustrated by the inability to invert the camera controls.

Today Nintendo revealed a solution is on the way for that last one. The camera adjustment will appear in the form of an extra option from the overlay menu, like so:

This is what you’ll see in Super Mario 64, which being from 3D’s infancy, has the least complicated camera setup. Super Mario Sunshine is the most involved, with separate adjustable controls for the horizontal camera, the vertical camera, the Mario cam and the FLUDD controls. Galaxy’s controls are the same as Mario 64’s.

Nintendo could have ignored this issue and still sold out of Super Mario 3D All-Stars cards, so they should be complimented for taking the time and effort to listen to us and fix this little problem. The feature is part of Update Ver.1.1.0, which will auto-download to Super Mario 3D All-Stars on November 17. The game compilation itself, annoyingly, will be pulled from sale on March 31, 2021.