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Relax…Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Was Not Kevin Conroy’s Final Role


Kevin Conroy, as I need to tell none of you, was an actor best known as the voice of Batman across several animated shows, movies and video games. When he tragically passed in 2022, it was unknown how many future unreleased projects he had left behind. The one we did know he contributed to was Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, a multiplayer co-op game that’s been in development at WB Games for a long time now.

Suicide Squad comes out this week and the more news that’s come out about it, the warier the gaming enthusiasts have become toward it. It’s sounding like this is a turkey in the making and to make matters worse, Batman’s final scene in the game turns out to be the worst sendoff Conroy could possibly have.


You’re all still reading, aren’t you? Man, this game’s gonna bomb. Anyway, the gist of the plot is that the Justice League members have turned evil and the Suicide Squad has been hired to take them down. You and the other players fight the JL in boss battles during the story mode, and after the fight with Batman, he appears tied up as the Squad surrounds him. The mind-controlled Bats and Harley Quinn exchange a few terse words, and then Harley shoots Batman in the face.

Can you imagine a worse final scene for what most regard as the greatest Batman voice of all time? The Internet started getting ornery, forcing WB to reveal that actually, there’s one other Conroy performance that hasn’t been released yet. Seems in the animated movie Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3, they visit the Earth where Batman: The Animated Series takes place and the man himself speaks with Conroy’s voice. Phew! That is a much more dignified way to go out.

If you’ve heard that Conroy will also play a role in Amazon Prime’s Batman: Caped Crusader, it’s not true — showrunner Bruce Timm shot down that rumor on our lovely forum pages. “We were hoping to have him do a voice for the new show (and he was eager to do it) but sadly he passed away before we could make it happen,” Timm said. Thanks for stopping by, Bruce, and we’re all looking forward to the show!

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