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Studio Ghibli’s Earwig And The Witch Opens February 3

earwig and the witch

Have you heard? Studio Ghibli has a new movie, Earwig and the Witch, arriving in the States pretty soon. However, it’s going to look somewhat…different from what you’re used to.

Ghibli has finally surrendered to the computer-animated future, and we don’t like it. The movie itself could be fine, but the intricate hand-drawn artistry of this studio’s cels and backgrounds is second to none, and it doesn’t translate into any other animation style. Hopefully this isn’t a permanent shift for them.

Earwig is an orphan, played in the English dub by Taylor Paige Henderson, and unlike most poor British orphans we meet in the movies, she DOESN’T want to be adopted. But when someone takes interest and fills out the proper paperwork, she has no choice but to shack up with…Bella Yaga, a freakin’ witch, with magic and everything. Who could complain about that?

Earwig finds a way. None of the spells she’s being taught interest her. That’s when Bella’s cat directs Earwig to something interesting…an artifact that gives her clues about her true origin. Seems Earwig’s biological mom may have also been a witch…and a rock star!

Earwig And The Witch will premiere in the US February 3, in both dubbed and subbed form. Yes, this IS a theatrical release through Fathom Events, even though you would have to be a First Responder with a second dose of the vaccine to see it there completely safely (and if you are, you probably have more important things to do). How long will the rest of us have to wait to watch it at home?

48 hours. GKids announced today that’s how long it would be until Earwig and the Witch becomes streamable on HBO Max, the service that has an exclusive on all other Ghibli movies. And even though this one just came out two days ago, you won’t have to pay extra if you already have a Max subscription.

So, for most people, Earwig and the Witch will be released February 5 on HBO Max.