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Stranded Deep Finally Lands On PS4 And XBox one


Officially originally launched in 2015, “Stranded Deep” has finally landed on PlayStation 4 and XBox One and is available to play this week. Originally developed by Australia’s Beam Team Games, “Stranded Deep” is a survival game.


In “Stranded Deep,” there you were – minding your own business in your fancy-pants private airplane when, suddenly, your plane is crashing somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean [though probably somewhere near the equator due to the aquatic life forms and tropical flora].


Once you have survived the plane crash – which is depicted as a given in the game – you begin the fun of exploring your environments [both aquatic and terrestrial] as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and shelter you will need to stay alive. Along the way you soon discover that the variety of life that both surround and occupy your tiny island are fairly diverse and include a variety of large sharks, giant squids, wild boars, snakes and creatures – all of which would be quite happy to eat you instead of you eating them.


Additionally, there are the climate elements with a day-night cycles corresponding with the regular weather cycles which will be occasionally hampering your efforts to survive as you also battleĀ  hunger, thirst, and exposure in addition to the creatures.