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The Story Behind Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

sword art online: fatal bullet

Waiting to find out what happens in the upcoming Sword Art Online game, Fatal Bullet? Turns out we don’t actually have to wait…the entire plot synopsis is in the press release, which Namco put out today. Care to get spoiled with us?

Invited by a childhood friend Kureha, the protagonist will log in a world of guns through Gun Gale Online game. Unexpectedly he obtains ArFA-Sys, a newly implemented player support AI, and meets Kirito who requests his help to conquer the additional dungeon of the spaceship SBC Flügel. The protagonist has to collect all the key “ArFA-Sys parts” and fulfill the SBC Flügel requirements before heading to the spaceship.

In the middle of the adventure, they meet several characters such as Bazalt Joe a talented player, Zeliska also called the Uncrowned Queen who has the same Typ-X ArFA-Sys and the famous Squadron leader Itsuki who joins the group. Bazalt Joe has an obsession for the protagonist’s ArFA-Sys that he would like to own. To achieve his goal, he challenges the protagonist several time. While dealing with Bazalt Joe, the protagonist continues progressing in the conquest and finally reaches the SBC Flügel gate.

The SBC Flügel challenge becomes available but everyone wants to take it. To decide the winners the group plays rock-paper-scissors. The protagonist, Kirito, Kureha and ArFA-Sys win getting the right to challenge the gate!

You’ll have many weapons at your disposal for the task of breaking through that gate. Players have the option of Dual Arms, which means they can put hand guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and even launchers on both hands and fire them simultaneously. In addition, every weapon you equip has Weapon Arts, special techniques you can purchase from Argo somewhere in the game.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet comes out February 23 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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