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Steven Universe Returns At Last On May 12


Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe hasn’t seen a new episode since last January. There were rumors that the series wouldn’t resume until June or July, but fortunately those have been proven false by this: a new trailer announcing the return of Steven and the Gems on May 12. It’s a great trailer too. “Something doesn’t feel right about this” indeed.

Better yet, this is not the “Steven Bomb” most people have come to expect: the episodes will be individually aired once a week, with the exception of the May 12 episode, designated as a 30-minute special.

There have been several events building up over the course of the season: Malachite is imprisoned at the bottom of the sea (looks like she gets out), Yellow Diamond is no doubt coming to Earth to ruin it (thanks, Peridot), and as if that wasn’t enough, something called The Cluster has been growing inside the planet and will destroy everything if it wakes up! If all these things hit at once, the Crystal Gems will indeed be “in too deep.”

Steven Universe returns to CN May 12 during “Yoursday” or whatever they’ll be calling it by that point. In the meantime, avoid all spoilers — they’re out there.