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Steven Universe Returns December 17

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When was the last time Steven Universe aired new episodes on Cartoon Network? When was the last time it aired at all?

Experiencing a long drought between Steven Bombs is a longtime experience for fans, but something about this latest one felt….final. Some people came to believe the show didn’t have any new episodes beyond the upcoming TV movie. Some thought the show had been cancelled and Sugar was just NDA’d from revealing it. Others said “Don’t be ridiculous. Rooooose Quaaaaaartz isnnnnnnn’t reeeeeeeeeal.”

You can Believe in Steven once more, at least for the time being. CN revealed today Steven Universe: Diamond Days will begin airing December 17. Promotional art was released on their Twitter feed, and Steven’s got a fancy new battle outfit.

By the way, the first of these episodes is already out. In fact, uh, it was released back in July along with the previous batch — just not on television. “Legs From Here To Homeworld” premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, then turned up on the Cartoon Network app one week later. But it didn’t appear on the CHANNEL until now, so they’re counting it. Depending on how you watch the series, you’re either getting five new episodes or four.

The first “new” episode premieres December 17 on Cartoon Network at 7:30. Subsequent episodes will premiere once a week from that point until January 21.