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Steven Universe Future Dated For December 7


Here they are in the future, Steven and his space friends…what kind of trouble can they get into now? We’ll find out very soon, as Cartoon Network has set the release date for Steven Universe Future for a very near December 7.

The Gems have settled into Beach City society and the world is once again at peace, but darn it, there’s another conflict on the horizon. Jasper is back, healed from her corruptive state, and doesn’t seem very grateful for it. From the one line she has in the trailer (and the pose she strikes, about to punch something) she’s not a fan of Steven and wants Rose / Pink Diamond back.

One question that still remains annoyingly unanswered: is Steven Universe Future a miniseries, or an ongoing? Various media outlets have made both claims and we’re not sure who to believe. CN themselves have not spoken either way. We do know we’re getting at least four episodes, and they’ll all play on premiere night.

It’s going to be a packed holiday month for Cartoon Network viewers, at least more so than usual; in addition to Steven Universe Future, The Amazing World of Gumball: Darwin’s Yearbook (which IS confirmed to be a miniseries) will premiere on December 2 in the UK. CN’s US headquarters has not announced a premiere date over here.

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