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Steven Universe Enters Brawlhalla


Steven Universe invades Brawlhalla in an “epic crossover” featuring the Crystal Gems Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl and Malachite while Steven and Connie join to form Stevonnie.


Each Steven Universe character is defined as an “Epic Crossover” and, as such, receives their own signature effects. For Garnet, that means a giant rocket gauntlet, for Amethyst, it’s an Indiana Jones-style whip, for Pearl, it’s some hologram weapons and for Stevonnie, it’s getting assistance from Lion during battles. Malachite is a KO Effect who will grab your opponent and drag them down to the ocean.


Also included is a new Steven Universe-themed game mode called Bubble Tag where you battle opponents in a 3v3 action at the Crystal Temple by encasing them in bubbles – thereby rendering them nearly immobile and unable to attack – tagging your teammates frees them. Capturing the entire enemy team scores a point and the first team to collect five points wins the skirmish.


Additional features for this game are an enhanced image render tool, new sales items at Mallhalla and Free-For-Alls have been slashed from four minutes to three minutes.