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Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spider-Man 1927-2018

Steve Ditko

The Hollywood Reporter states that legendary artist Steve Ditko was found dead on June 29 in his New York apartment. He was 90.

Ditko achieved fame as the co-creator of Spider-Man along with writer Stan Lee in Amazing Fantasy #15  for Marvel Comics in 1962, and became the artist for The Amazing Spider-Man a year later. He also co-created Dr. Strange in Strange Tales #110 in 1963, as well as the Leader, the arch-enemy of the Incredible Hulk in Tales to Astonish #62 in 1964.

After leaving Marvel in the late 1960’s, he worked for Charlton comics and help create characters like the Question, the Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), and Captain Atom. The latter character was Ditko’s first creation in 1960. The Charlton characters were later acquired by DC Comics in the 1980’s. He also worked at DC Comics creating characters like Hawk & Dove, Shade: the Changing Man, and the Creeper. He later return to Marvel to do artwork for Machine Man and Micronauts. He was the co-creator of Speedball in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22, and was the co-creator of Squirrel Girl.

Ditko was a recluse throughout his life, consistently refusing almost all requests for interviews or publicity around the characters he created. He also maintained a studio in Manhattan until his death. At this time, the cause of Ditko’s death is unknown.