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Stephanie Sheh ‘Hearts’ Japan


Voice Actors in the News has an interview with anime voice actor/writer/director/producer Stephanie Sheh discussing her “We Heart Japan” charity group event taking place in Hollywood, CA on Saturday, Oct. 1st from 5-8pm.

Here’s an excerpt:

I owe so much to [Japan]. I am an actress because I got my start in anime. I have so many friends that I’ve met through work. I love so much about Japan and it breaks my heart that so many people have suffered due to the disaster that occurred. I have visited Japan many times. And I know I will go back again.

I wanted to prove to the world through my charity group that anime fans can give back. Recently there has been a lot of bitterness in the industry towards fans because so many fans steal their anime by downloading illegally and it is a fact that the illegal downloads are killing the industry. That said, I wanted to focus on the positive. I believe that anime fans have generous hearts and can rally together to help the people less fortunate. So why not do something for the community and help out. It was the least that I could do. It is sooo much work and none of my friends who are working on it are getting paid. We all do it to give back to the community.

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