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Steins;Gate 0 Is Out Today On Steam

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What’s happening next in the time-bending world of Steins;Gate? You can find out today as the sequel is released in English on Steam…

In 2009 developers 5pb. and Nitroplus launched the original Steins;Gate, a sci-fi visual novel game about a group of young students who discover a way to manipulate the past via E-mail. Their experiments start out innocently enough, but as is par for the course with experiments involving time, they get in way over their heads.

Steins;Gate was such a hit that it branched out into manga, drama CDs, a movie, a live action stage play, and an anime. Now a sequel to the game has arrived, entitled Steins;Gate 0. It introduces a new cast of characters while retaining many of the cast members from the first game — albeit in an alternate situation.

  • STEINS;GATE 0 continues the time travelling theme – but adds artificial intelligence as its central hook
  • Help a group of young students bend time to their will and prevent the onset of World War 3
  • Beautiful artwork and engaging story for an unforgettable experience
  • Tells the story of an ‘Alternate Worldline’ – what happens if players failed the original story
  • Interact with the story using your smart phone – answering (or not!) your phone, and your responses, will determine the outcome to the story

This is far from the end: an anime based on the new game will begin streaming in America soon thanks to Funimation, and a remake of the first Steins;Gate is coming later this year in the form of Steins;Gate Elite. This new version integrates the novel’s story with the anime to create an interactive animated experience. New animated sequences have been created for the game’s alternate endings.

Steins;Gate 0 is purchasable starting today on Steam. If you already own the original Steins;Gate, you’ll be given a 10% discount.

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