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Static Shock, Zeta Project Season Two Come To DVD At Last


In the late 2000’s pretty much anything in the DC Animated Universe would move DVD sets, and after Warner Bros. had published Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, they had to start digging to come up with more. Some of the lesser-known shows that operated under the DC animated umbrella were Static Shock (from the world of JLU) and The Zeta Project (from the world of Batman Beyond). Both aired on Kids WB in the early 2000’s.

Warners put the first volume of Zeta Project on DVD in 2009 with plans to follow it up with a second release later to complete the series. Unfortunately, despite the Bat-connection, the set did not sell very well and those plans were scuttled, as well as any plans for Static to show up on disc. Ever since then, DCAU fans have been pleading with WB to allow their collections to be legally completed.

As of today, the wait is over! Warners has announced that second volume of The Zeta Project will be sold through the Warner Archive next month, as well as the first volume of Static Shock! The remaining 14 episodes of Zeta will appear March 14th at a price of $24.99, and the first 13 Statics will follow on March 28th for the same price.

Meet Virgil Hawkins, a mild-mannered teen in the wrong place at the wrong time when a chemical explosion rocks the streets of Dakota City – changing him from supergeek to super-hero. Based on the Milestone/DC Comics property, this animated series about the adventures of the first African-American teenage superhero follows quick-witted Virgil, who finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutagenic gas.

Taking on the guise of Static, an urban hero of his own creation, he must learn to control his powers, figure out how to patrol the skies at night and still make it home in time to study for school. Virgil’s greatest discovery becomes the real “charge” he gets out of helping people and making a positive difference as a super-hero in his community. The series confronts real problems and issues faced by today’s kids, including peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood.

2040 A.D. They created him to kill their enemies…but he refuses to destroy anymore! Renegade “synthoid” Zeta (voice of Diedrich Bader, Batman: The Brave and the Bold), marked for reprogramming after developing a conscience and defying his evil orders, flees from a ruthless government agent.

Capable of transforming himself at will into any human shape, and possessing amazing cybernetic resources, Zeta joins Ro (voice of Julie Nathanson, Beverly Hills 90210 [1996-1997]) a 15-year-old street kid in her own kind of trouble with the law.

In this spin-off from the blockbuster animated series Batman Beyond, futuristic vehicles, weapons and technology meld with the touching and humorous story of two misfits who need each other to survive in a dangerous world.