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Star Wars Squadrons Game Will Come To Next-Gen Systems

Star Wars Squadrons

The Star Wars universe as a whole is in a bit of flux for reasons that go beyond money and time and the global lockdown. While The Mandalorian has gotten major honors at the Emmys by being nominated 15 times, the movie universe seems to be treading water, and the gaming universe is pumping out titles that are aiming to capitalize on what Jedi Knight Fallen Order did in terms of sales. One of which is Star Wars Squadrons.

This was a title that was a spinoff of sorts to the recent Battlefront games, where most people agreed that the flying of the ships of the Star Wars universe was a pretty cool things with modern graphics and controls. So thus, Star Wars Squadons was born. And now, via the creative director of the the game, we know that the game won’t just come to the PS4 and the Xbox One, it’ll also come to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Frazier did a video recently in Q&A style to talk about gameplay and more.

However, despite the game officially coming to next-gen systems, there is a catch that might weigh down who buys it. Because unlike games that are specifically for the new consoles, these will be basically ports. Meaning that they won’t get any graphical updates to fit the new systems.

This feels like an odd choice given that the next-gen systems are supposed to be the most graphics-defining systems ever built, but it goes to prove that sometimes it’s just about getting the games on there versus just making them look more beautiful.

More than likely though a new (truly new) next-gen Star Wars game is in the works, possibly the sequel to Fallen Order or if Squadrons is successful the sequel to that. Only time and sales numbers will tell.

Squadrons itself though will release on October 2nd.