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Star Wars Episode IX’s New Subtitle Is Sure Confusing

rise of skywalker

Go on any website today and you’ll see the newly revealed subtitle of Star Wars Episode IX: “The Rise Of Skywalker.” Like….from the grave? What does that mean? Maybe the first teaser, which was also revealed today, provides hints:

Nope. We’re on our own for now.

There was only one Skywalker left in a Galaxy Far Far Away and he willfully passed into the Force at the end of Episode Eight. We’re still hearing his voice at the beginning of the teaser. Maybe Luke can just will himself back to life? Wouldn’t that be a twist!

Perhaps the title refers to Rey herself, and it turns out she was Luke’s secret daughter all along (despite living as a hermit on a secluded rock for the rest of his life). If Abrams cowed to pressure from neckbeards and threw in “Kylo lied, you were Jedi Royalty the whole time, and THAT’S why you’re so good with a saber, because nobody in this series should actually have to work for anything”….I’ll be angrier than Rey looks in that thumbnail.

Maybe the title refers to Kylo Ren, who winds up redeeming himself in the end? He is, technically, of Skywalker blood due to being sired by Luke’s sister. But he’s not really LEGALLY a Skywalker, is he? On paper he’s a Solo-Organa, and he calls HIMSELF a “Ren.”

Hopefully Abrams or another member of the crew will clear this up before the final (for now) Star Wars chapter premieres on December 20. Then we can move on to the REAL mystery: Palpatine?