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Star Trek, Dragon Ball And More Comic-Con Revelations


The second-ever virtual San Diego Comic-Con was held today, and with its arrival came the usual avalanche of show and movie announcements. Here are the most significant animated projects we heard about at the panels this afternoon…

First up is Star Trek: The Clone Wars — I mean, Star Trek: Prodigy, a CG-animated series originally announced for a Nickelodeon debut but, as expected, moved to Paramount+ to feed their content machine. The premise: six young alien runaways have stumbled upon the discovery of a lifetime…an abandoned Starfleet ship. The most curious find within? A talking hologram of Captain Janeway from Voyager, voiced by Kate Mulgrew herself.

Questions linger in the air: is it really Janeway or just an AI? What happened to the original crew? And who is the “prodigy’? You’ll have to watch to find out. Star Trek: Prodigy will premiere this fall on Paramount+.

No one was sure about Star Trek: Lower Decks before it premiered, but now that everyone’s seen it, they’re more open to the idea of a satirical Trek cartoon. And the second installment looks to be just as good as the first, based on this trailer. We’re getting Season 2 pretty soon; new episodes drop August 12.

At the Dragon Ball panel, they finally confirmed the continuation of Dragon Ball Super…though not in the form everyone was expecting. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a continuation of the anime that went on hiatus in 2018 (and this doesn’t mean it won’t return someday, but Toonami will probably be waiting a loooong time). Isn’t “Super Super Hero” redundant? Series producer Akio Iyoku says the title is meant to “emphasize that this movie is about the superhero vibes.”

Iyuko also cryptically mentioned something about a “new animation style.” Does he mean CG? The character model shots seem to suggest it…Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released in Japan in 2022.

Finally, Tuca & Bertie…did NOT confirm if they were getting a third season during their panel this afternoon. I just thought it was worth mentioning.