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Star Ocean: First Departure R Announced For PS4 And Switch

star ocean first departure r

How’d you like Star Ocean on Switch? Preferably one of the earlier titles and not the disastrous later ones? Your wish is Square’s command — the first game in the series is coming to PS4 and Switch. The news came from the Star Ocean Twitter account this morning:

There are no more details beyond what the tweet states, but we’re assuming this is a port of the PSP remake, possibly with some enhanced features (hence the mysterious “R” tacked onto the title).

The original Star Ocean was released in Japan in 1996. It was the largest SNES game ever released at 48 megabits. It was innovative at the time for its constant use of voice clips on the battlefield and the necessitation of an extra chip to handle all the data. The game remained a Japanese exclusive for a variety of factors: the SNES market cooling off in America, the expense involved in redubbing all the voice samples and reproducing the chip, and the simple fact that Final Fantasy VII hadn’t been released yet so the RPG market wasn’t booming.

America was introduced to the Star Ocean series through the second game, localized on the PS1 as “Star Ocean: The Second Story.” Those who became fans though that game (which still remains the best in the series) would have to wait until 2008 for “The First Story,” AKA First Departure, the subtitle given to SO1 when it was finally released Westside on the PSP.

Now comes First Departure R, introducing the Star Ocean series to a new generation. We’ll share more details as we get them.