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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Coming To Mobile This July

star ocean: anamnesis

Are your favorite characters from the Star Ocean series coming back? In a sense, along with the ones you barely know. What’s in the upcoming mobile game Star Ocean: Anamesis?

In this free-download action-RPG you’ll serve as captain of a ship filled with Star Ocean all-stars, battling your way across the galaxy in real-time 3D arenas. The cast is a who’s who of SO alumni, from Claude and Rena to Fayt and Maria to those guys from the SNES original that was never released outside of Japan. And in a first for the series, a co-op multiplayer mode will allow friends to team up and beat the game together.

Normally the announcement of a Square property with a cult following getting banished to mobile tends to result in threats of pain, but the Star Ocean brand has fallen a long way since the commercial and critical height of Star Ocean: The Second Story on PS1. Each subsequent game since then has been worse than the one before it. Star Ocean 5 beat the odds and miraculously appeared on PS4 — and turned out to be the worst game in the series. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves for winding up here.

You can potentially play this game early, but only if you carry an Apple device: the Apple Testflight closed beta will give a selected number of players the opportunity to test Star Ocean: Anamnesis out pre-release. To sign up, head to http://sqex.to/soa_betaapplication.

Additionally, anyone who pre-registers for Star Ocean: Anamnesis before its release date, on any device, will get bonus content like the characters Welch and Faize, extra gems and rainbow crystals. The amount of content will depend on the number of people who pre-register (it unlocks itself in the same manner Kickstarter stretch goals do).

Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be out this July in both the App Store and Google Play.

star ocean: anamnesis