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Stan Lee’s Ex-Manager Accused of Abuse and Defraud

Stan Lee

Via The Associated Press and USA Today, Stan Lee’s ex-manager, Keya Morgan, has been arrested and charged of elder abuse and defraud, among other things, over the past weekend.  Morgan had used his position to exert control over Lee as well as profit from Lee’s fame via Lee’s many public appearances and autograph sessions.  He apparently pocketed over $262,000 from Lee’s May 2018 autograph sessions.

Morgan’s felony charges include theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, and false imprisonment of an elder adult.  Morgan had taken Lee from his Hollywood Hills Home to a Beverly Hills condominium “where Morgan had more control over Lee.”  Lee’s daughter had filed a restraining order against Morgan for manipulating Lee, who was declining in mental health at the time; preventing Lee from seeing his family and friends; and trying to exert control over Lee’s finances.

Morgan, through his lawyer, has denied all charges of manipulation and embezzlement.