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Square Announces Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory

melody of memory

Did you think the Kingdom Hearts series was finished after the third game? Or, at least, the DLC following the third game? Not so. This series is determined to continue until its narrative becomes as impenetrable as the thorny thicket surrounding Aurora’s castle. And this latest incomprehensible adventure trades staffs and Keyblades for smooth beats and tappy feet. It’s Melody of Memory…a rhythm adventure!

Something happening here….what it is ain’t exactly clear, but the only way to stop it is to run along a track and smash Heartless precisely when prompted to. You’ll visit a lot of worlds on your journey, most of them recycled from previous games (Hercules has gotten more attention from the KH series than he ever got in his entire movie career). Is that screenshot above Deep Jungle from the first game? Spare us the horrible memories of falling down a tree over and over!

Phew, it’s not Deep Jungle, it’s Sora’s home island. It also looks like Kairi will take more of a leading role in the storyline, as she did in the recent Re:Mind DLC. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will launch later this year on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and XBox One…for those hoping we would get Kingdom Hearts on Switch, this probably wasn’t what you were thinking of, but hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

That’s not all! A second trailer was released by Square Enix today that details the company’s full plans for the KH brand in 2020…there will be a new mobile game, the second for the series, called Kingdom Hearts: Union Dark Road. It looks much like the existing game, Kingdom Hearts: Union X (pronounced “Union Cross”). Union X isn’t being abandoned just yet…it will soon get an expansion focused around Maleficent.

This is all part of what Square is calling “Kingdom Hearts series 2nd Phase.” That’s right…the previous nine games were just Phase One. Two more unannounced projects are hinted at before the video finishes, but there are no clues. Insert your dreams here.