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Spy x Family Will Return In October

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There are no battle tournaments in Spy x Family. There is no scratchy-voiced adolescent with spiky hair determined to be the Best Something In The Something Competition. Nobody gets transported to a distant fantasy land or trapped inside an MMO. No one even has any superpowers (with one exception). Spy x Family may have the least anime premise of any anime in years — and yet it’s one of the BEST in years.

Set in a made-up country during a made-up 1960s (thereabouts), Spy x Family is a rare subject for Japanese animation: a situational comedy. Loid Forger, better known by his codename Twilight, is a master spy whom the fictional nation calls on for their toughest assignments. And his latest is the toughest yet: he must infiltrate an elite private academy and get close to an important foreign figure. But he can’t do it alone.

Since the academy is for children, he needs a daughter. And since it will look on him with suspicion if he simply picks one up, he must cast the illusion that he has been married for at least a year. He discreetly adopts Anya, a pink-haired orphan, and enters an agreement with Yor, a woman he runs into at the market, to fake a marriage.

But it’s much wilder than that: the reason Yor agrees to fake-marry Loid is because SHE is living her own double life as a master assassin. And Anya knows everything about the two of them because she has the telepathic power to read minds! But she keeps this a secret, fearing she could lose her new family if she were exposed. Thus begins a delicate and very entertaining balancing act. If you’re not watching it, start now — you won’t regret it.

Twelve episodes of Spy x Family have been appearing once per week for the last three months, and fans may have been caught off-guard by the sudden end at just twelve episodes, with Loid nowhere near his goal. That’s not really it. A return for the series was announced today for October, when the rest of the season will premiere.

While we’re here, let’s add a BIG GIANT BOO to Crunchyroll for not letting Toonami broadcast this series. Though it could still happen, the radio silence from Crunchyroll toward cable in general doesn’t fill us with hope. We get that things have changed since last decade and exposure on cable isn’t the strong promotional too it once was, but…come on, guys, you’re just being a-holes by denying TOM this one. This isn’t very elegant.

Spy x Family will come back with a second batch of episodes this fall. The current twelve episodes are available to watch on Crunchyroll and Hulu.