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Spongebob’s Sandy Cheeks May Be Getting A Movie


Paramount is working on yet another Spongebob movie, but this one might be a little different. Instead of taking the porous yellow square on a fourth trip, they’re considering basing a movie around his squirrel friend, Sandy.

Collider reports that this proposed movie would see Ms. Cheeks as a computer-rendered character in a live-action world, which is usually how the Above-The-Sea is depicted in Spongebob media. Liza Johnson has been hired as the director, and she’ll be working off a script from veteran Sponge-scribe Kazimieras “Kaz” Prapuolenis and Tom J. Stern. The character will be voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, who has done Sandy’s voice since the beginning.

The original Spongebob crew were tasked with coming up with a bunch of ocean-themed characters, and one of the first ones they thought up was a squirrel wearing an astronaut suit that let her breathe underwater. That alone screams “90s Nick” to me…just going the extra mile to be warped and weird.

Sadly, that kind of spirit was doomed to wither on the vine after Spongebob started making Nickelodeon so much money that they didn’t have to come up with anything else. The network had several iconic hits before Spongebob, but none afterward, once they realized they struck an oil vein that would seemingly never run dry. They grew fat and lazy and have never recovered.

The only thing stopping it from going further was Stephen Hillenburg’s insistence that the original show never have spinoffs, and now that he’s dead, it’s spreading quickly. Kamp Koral premiered on Paramount+ not too long ago, a third movie just premiered (this one CGI), and another series revolving around Patrick Star is in the works.

Now we’ve got what, a Sandy Cheeks movie? Sure, why not. Someone will see it, I guess. We’ll be back to report on the Gary the Snail Cinematic Universe when it gets announced next month.