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Splatoon 3 Dev Interview Breaks Down Key Aspects Of The Game

Splatoon 3

There’s a lot of thought and process that goes into making a video game, make no mistake about that. Even for some of the more “fun ones” like Splatoon 3, you’ll find that a lot of time, effort, care, and progression was put into things. To prove this, Nintendo talked with four of the developers behind the game and got some really key insights into how the title came to be like it is.

For example, the events of Splatoon 2’s final Splatfest in the “Team Order vs Team Chaos” battle ended with Team Chaos winning, and thus the look and feel of Splatoon 3 changed due to that. But, the team didn’t know who would win going in it:

 So many players participate in the Splatoon series’ Splatfests that even the developers can’t predict the outcome. In the world of the Splatoon series, we create each game’s design and sound, and the principles of characters’ behaviors by reflecting how players have actually played the franchise. So, the trends and values in the Inkling world change significantly depending on the outcome of the final Splatfest. Therefore, the chaotic Splatsville is a city that rapidly developed with the arrival of the “Chaos” craze after the Splatfest.

The level of detail and effort doesn’t stop there though. Even designing things like the city and the fashion of the Inklings/Octolings were done with clear intent:

We chose street style partly because of its contemporary design, but the street culture is often derived from what we call counterculture. In other words, it implies some kind of rebellion against the mainstream.

The entire interview is a fascinating look at Splatoon 3 and all that went into it. You should check out the full interview, and then go and play the full game when it launches on Nintendo Switch on September 9th!