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Spider-Man’s Next Movie Is Called “Spider-Man Homecoming”


Last night Sony Pictures held a special conference at CinemaCon where they revealed several projects on their development schedule, including the one everybody’s most curious about: their next Spider-Man series, starring Tom Holland as Hollywood’s third webslinger. It’s not called “Spectacular Spider-Man” or “Web of Spider-Man” or anything of the like….it is simply “Spider-Man” with a subtitle underneath, which we expect to be the template for all the Spidey movies Sony creates in cooperation with Disney.

And we aren’t kidding. Sony released the first-ever clip from Spider-Man Homecoming to the crowd at CinemaCon, and it had Iron Man in it — Robert Downey Jr. Not only will Spider-Man make a guest appearance in this May’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War, but other MCU characters will be making appearances in his movie too. Unfortunately Sony has not put this clip online, nor even a screenshot, so we can show you nothing.

So why “Homecoming”? Holland was there for the unveiling, and he explained the title refers to Peter Parker embracing his true identity, as well as the fact that Spider-Man has at last “come home” to Marvel. Don’t be surprised if there’s an actual homecoming dance somewhere in the plot…this is the youngest Spidey yet, whom they want to keep high-school age as long as they can.

Spider-Man Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts and opens July 7, 2017.

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