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Spider-Man Swings Onto PS4 Today


One of the Playstation 4’s most anticipated games is finally out as of now. Today is the day Marvel’s Spider-Man swings onto the console! Explore an open-world New York City as the wall-crawler, responding to distress calls as they happen. Unravel a larger plot and face off against iconic baddies from the comics.

Play as Spider-Man and cooly swing from building to building, firing off quips and high-fiving your fans on the street (you can really do this). Play as nebbish civilian Peter Parker as he constantly fails at life and disappoints his friends repeatedly. You’ll even play a few missions as Mary Jane, who in this universe is the Daily Bugle’s photographer.

Celebrated studio Insomniac Games (the original Spyro trilogy, Sly Cooper) has been working on Spider-Man for the past few years. Says Bryan Intihar, creative director at Insomniac, “We’re deeply privileged to collaborate with PlayStation and Marvel Games. We’ve poured our souls into Marvel’s Spider-Man with the hope of creating a compelling new take on the iconic wall-crawler that remains authentic to the character’s core.”

“It’s been thrilling to watch our three powerhouses – Marvel, PlayStation, and Insomniac, come together to make the Spider-Man game we’ve always wanted to play,” says Shawn Layden, chairman of Worldwide Studios, PlayStation. “Today, fans will finally get the chance to jump into this new completely original adventure available only on PlayStation.”

If you’ve gone this long without owning a PS4, you can get one and Spider-Man at the same time through the new Red 1TB PS4 Pro Bundle. Both the console and the included controller are the color of Spider-Man’s tights. It retails for $399.