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Spider-Man PS4 Almost Had One Character Not Die


Was there any story elements in the Spider-Man game that got vetoed? What were they?

The Spider-Man game from Insomniac that released last year was one that captured the hearts and minds of just about everyone who played it. And one of the biggest reasons for the success was the very gripping story that showed not only the life of Spidey, but also, Peter Parker and his struggles to balance his life.

One of the key parts of the story though was the death of Aunt May, who sacrificed herself essentially so that Peter (who she knew was Spidey) could go and save a bunch of people. But according to the main voice actor for Spidey, Marvel wasn’t up for that at first. He noted on a podcast that at first, Marvel refused to have Aunt May die.

But eventually, they warmed up to the idea because of the skills of Insomniac. And the story became even more impactful because of it.