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Spider-Man Miles Morales Announced For PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales

The PS5 event was today, and there were many major announcements in it, but the one that has many talking is the confirmation that the Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games is getting a sequel on PS5 titled Spider-Man Miles Morales. And according to its reveal trailer it’s coming in Holiday 2020.

For those who don’t remember the first game, it was one done on PS4 and it featured Spider-Man Peter Parker taking on many villains both classic and little known. Insomniac Games (who are known for many franchises on Sony systems) was to work on it alongside Marvel to deliver an experience that would blow every other Spider-Man game out of the water…and they succeeded. But just as important it was that game that was debuted Miles Morales to many (he had small roles in other titles but few this prominent) which got comic fans excited. Then, he was the focus of some post-game content where you helped him get to the level he needed to be in order to become Spider-Man.

As the intro to Spider-Man Miles Morales shows, Peter Parker is telling Miles that it’s time to be Spider-Man now and to be a hero, and Miles is going to take that chance.

The game is not only perfect to help showcase Miles Morales some more, but it’s also perfect in that Miles Morales as a character has never been more popular. Between the PS4 game, the Into The Spider-Verse film, his role in comics and more, more and more people are getting introduced to this version of Spider-Man, so to have a full-on game dedicated to him is pretty impressive.

Plus, as the trailer above showed, the game is going to look really good and have the feel of the original. More story details on what you can expect will likely come with future trailers.