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Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Gets Teaser and New Sequel Title

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse is not coming out this year as previously intended. Rather, it’ll arrive in 2023, and its sequel will arrive in 2024. So sadly, it’s a very long wait for the highly-anticipated films. However, all is not lost, and all is not without merit because at CinemaCon, a bunch of new details were not just said, but shown. Including how the 2024 film (which was originally called Part 2 of the upcoming one) is now going to be called “Beyond The Spider-Verse”. So there’s that.

But also, the co-writers and directors of the films in Phil Lord and Chris Miller detailed several new things about the movie. The filmmakers teased the “largest crew of an animated movie ever” with over a thousand crew members, as well as 240 characters across six universes. “That’s why we couldn’t do the sizzle reel,” they said. They also said “so far” so there are likely more to be seen and shown.

Speaking of shown, a 15-minute opening was shown for the film. That’s quite a bit when you think about it. In the clip, we are on Spider-Gwen’s world and see her in her life via trying to live with her father, the legendary Captain Gwen Stacy, as well as being a wanted vigilante as Spider-Gwen. This leads to her fighting The Vulture, and suddenly getting help from Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099.

When things don’t go as planned, he calls for backup and brings in Jessica Drew. The three take down Vulture, but at a cost as Gwen is caught by her father and is forced to reveal herself to him, prompting Miguel to interfere in order to keep her in play for what’s to come.

As for Miles, he’s having issues balancing his regular life and Spider-life, and that eventually leads to the scene where Gwen comes and sees him.

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse arrives on June 2nd, 2023.