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Special Fire Emblem Conversations With Voice Actors Arrives

Fire Emblem

The history of the Fire Emblem franchise as a whole is a curious one to be sure. Not the least of which is that when it came out in Japan 30 years ago or so, it was a decent hit, but every time it came out to America for a while it never really did big numbers. It did well enough that characters like Ike made it into Super Smash Bros Brawl, but it wasn’t until Awakening that things really turned around and made a big-time franchise.

Fast forward to the arrival of Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile and Three Houses on Switch and the franchise finally got the love and respect that many felt it deserved. Heroes brought the entire franchise into one setting via a Gatcha Game to allow players to summon all their favorite characters and ones they may not remember. While Three Houses went deep with an anime-style story and branching paths as well as many beautiful animated cutscenes.

And today, after much teasing, Nintendo has released a special 1-hour long video that shows one of the animated owls of FEH in Fehnix chatting with some of the various voice actors who have donned the character voices of the franchise over the years. From recent ones like Three Houses to older ones like Blazing Sword they’re all here.

This is the perfect chance to go and see these characters in a new light by seeing these people talk in real life (more or less) and have fun along the way.

As for what’s next for the franchise, after the global success of Three Houses it’s all but guaranteed that the series will get another game, and possibly one on Nintendo Switch again. But no matter when it comes out the fanbase will be ready to draw their swords and play along.