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Space Jam A New Legacy Earns $31 Million In Opening Weekend

Space Jam A New Legacy

Sequels are always a tricky thing, as you’re trying to either top the first, or build off of what the first did. And for something like Space Jam a New Legacy, the challenge is even harder. Mainly because the movie is the “sequel” to the original movie that came out over 15 years ago and starred Michael Jordan (and Bugs Bunny, of course). So there was a lot of pressure for this film to at least TRY to live up to the cult-classic film. But did it? It depends on how you look at things.

In terms of box office revenue, Space Jam A New Legacy went and earned $31 million dollars domestically. which actually made it the No.1 movie in America beating out Marvel’s Black Widow (which had a HUGE drop from last weeks pandemic-era record opening). That being said, the critics were not kind to this film at all.

Mainly because (in their minds at least) this was less about a cohesive story about basketball (or a man trying to save his son) and more about Warner Bros “pulling a Ready Player One” with all of their properties and seeing how many characters they could reasonably (and even unreasonably) put into the movie.

Critics also ripped how the movie depicted the Looney Tunes in various ways and how Lebron’s acting…wasn’t that good.

After hearing about the box office total Lebron was there to rip the “haters” but the fact of the matter is that just because it did well this week doesn’t mean it’ll have a nice long run. Black Widow was the first MCU movie in 2 years (not including the Disney+ shows) and even it couldn’t last at the top of the box office for two weeks.

So only time will tell how this Lebron James film will do, but for now, it can at least say it did good.