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Soul’s Phylicia Rashad Talks About Her Character In The Pixar Film


The holiday that is Christmas is almost here, and with it comes two major film releases on two different streaming platforms. There is of course Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, and then, there’s Soul via Disney+. The latter is the latest Disney/Pixar film about a pianist whose life takes a dramatic turn and he’s taken to the afterlife and is desperate to get back to his body so his life can continue.

Along his journey with a soul-to-be in 22, he finds himself looking back on his life and realizing that things aren’t so clear and black-and-white as he made it out to be in regards to certain people in his life. Key among them is his mother, Libba, who he always felt a bit of sadness about because of her “tough love” approach to his raising. Libba is played by Phylicia Rashad, who you would know from The Cosby Show, the Creed movies and more. And for her, she fully understood Libba as a character because her style was very much like hers was.

Rashad talked with ComicBook.com and discussed her life as well as Libba’s, and noted how she “fully understood” what Libba’s mindset was. Noting that for her and for Libba they have a vision of their children’s future and what they can be, and in their minds there’s a certain path they have to achieve to go get that vision to come true. But then when something goes wrong they start to question if there was a better way, if they missed a key part of their children she understood that “absolutely” could see her character from all of those angles.

This is why so many people like Disney/Pixar films, because they don’t just resonate with the people watching them, but the people making them as well. Soul releases on Christmas on Disney+.