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Soul, Turning Red, And Luca To Make Belated Theatrical Appearances

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One could argue, rather easily, that Disney hasn’t been fair to Pixar in recent years. Three of their films in a row were kept from theaters, premiering on Disney+ instead…and though two of those cases were at the height of the pandemic, by the time Luca came out Disney was once again theatrically releasing their films….they just chose not to let Luca have one.

But it’s never too late to make up for past sins. Disney will be putting Soul, Turning Red and Luca in theaters early next year, each for a limited time, and each with their own accompanying Pixar shorts, like there would’ve been. Soul is getting the short film Burrow, Turning Red will come with the short film Kitbull, and Luca will have the classic For the Birds.

Soul is about an aspiring piano player who lands the gig of his dreams right before dying (except not really, but we don’t have the space to go through the mechanics of this) and tries to get back in his body so he can play on time. Luca is about a young mer-boy who makes a friend on land and becomes curious enough about the lives of those above sea level that he illegally sneaks into their society.

Turning Red is the most unique of the three, set in Canada during the early 2000s and focused on an Asian girl who has inherited her family curse of turning into a red panda whenever she gets stressed out. Those who worry Pixar films are becoming same-y should check this one out; it has a style and premise no other flick from the studio exhibits.

Here’s when they all play: Pixar’s Soul will hit theaters for the first time January 12, Pixar’s Turning Red on February 9 and Pixar’s Luca on March 22. You wanted it, you got it — now don’t waste it.