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Soul Makers Talk Being Released On Disney+


The current state of television and movies is something that is constantly shifting and adapting due to the global pandemic that the world still finds itself in. Warner Bros recently made a huge announcement that all of their major upcoming movies would have a same-day release in both theaters and on HBO Max, their streaming service. Now, many are wondering if Disney will follow the same path, especially given they’ve done launches on Disney+ plus before. The first being Hamilton, then Mulan, and soon, the Pixar movie Soul.

Soul was supposed to launch in the summer of this year, but the theaters were very much shut down at that point so Disney/Pixar made the decision to go and just launch it on Disney+a  first for Pixar films.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, co-director Pete Docter noted that it was an “interesting journey” to where they are now, and while they are still a bit disappointed they won’t be in theaters first, they have started to see the “upside” of going straight to Disney+.

He noted that he was hoping it would come out to theaters because that would mean the global pandemic would be over, so thus he was “deluding himself” into thinking that it would be happening like it would. But, he’s come to appreciate launching on Disney+ instead.

Co-director Kemp Powers added in that he felt a similar way, but also felt this movie could be like a “Christmas Tradition” of sorts. Something to watch and remember about how they got through this very rough time in our world.

As for the other parts of the Disney lineup like Black Widow, Raya and the Last Dragon, and more upcoming films, their place in theaters or on Disney+ is still up in the the air. Disney is sticking to their release schedule for now, but that could all change depending on how the world is in a few months.