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Soul Cleans Up At The Annie Awards

Soul The Annie Awards

It’s not a surprise that there are plenty of award ceremonies out there in the world right now even with the pandemic going on still. However, one that just happened is one that only a certain amount of people really know about. That would be The Annie Awards, a celebration of animation both big and small to reward those tales and pictures that went above and beyond to resonate with both critics and audiences. Despite the year that was, many animated presentations were up for awards, but the biggest of the bunch in terms of winners was Soul.

Soul was nominated for a total of 10 Annie Awards and won seven, including Best Animated Feature as well as Best FX for Feature, Best Character Animation – Feature, Best Music – Feature, Best Storyboarding – Feature, Best Writing – Feature, and Best Editorial – Feature. Showing just how resonant the film was in terms of story, visuals, and more.

The wins at The Annie Awards are just the latest that Soul has gotten over the last few months. It’s already won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for its hard work and next week it’ll likely take home at least one Oscar. Making this yet another massively successful Disney/Pixar film.

The irony of Soul though is that it wasn’t a box office hit…because it didn’t go to the box office. It was supposed to release in the summer of 2020 and yet that didn’t happen because of the pandemic. Thus, it was moved to December and was released exclusively on Disney+ on Christmas to give viewers a “free present”…so long as they subscribed to the service.

Millions did indeed go to that service to watch it and they very much loved it. As did critics as these awards show. The next Pixar film is Luka and will also arrive on Disney+.