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Soul Calibur VI Gets Two More Characters

Soul Calibur VI

Who else is going to be in Soul Calibur VI? Any more classic characters?

Many were happy when Soul Calibur VI was revealed at The Game Awards last year, and since then, Bandai Namco has slowly been revealing the roster. The interesting thing about the game is that it technically is a prequel, going back to the original title to flesh out the story even more. Some classic characters, and one new one, have been revealed, but now, two more have gotten trailers.

First is Ivy Valentine, one of the truly classic characters in Soul Calibur, and yes, she has her iconic weapon, the Valentine, and she still knows how to use it.

Then, there Zasalamel, who first arrived in Soul Calibur III, and was a former vessel for Soul Edge and Inferno. Check out their arrival trailer below.

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