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Sora From Kingdom Hearts If The Final DLC Fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Super Smash Bros Ultimate

It’s been a long time coming, but after years of development, teases, epic trailers, gut-punching wait times and more, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is complete. All it needed was one last DLC fighter to round out this “celebration of gaming” as Masahiro Sakurai liked to call it. But who would be the final character? Would it be a fan-favorite from a beloved franchise? Would it be another Nintendo 1st Party character? Or maybe someone no one expected? No, it was someone that legions of fans wanted. With “The Last Key” turned, Sora from Kingdom Hearts made his way into Smash Bros Ultimate.

Kingdom Hearts is of course one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time, with Sora being among the most popular modern-day characters of all time. He has been requested in Smash Bros for some time, and Sakurai even admitted that the gamer poll that was done during the Wii U/3DS generation had Sora as the #1 character overall. Bayonetta was the character chosen for other reasons, but Nintendo never stopped trying to get Sora into the game, and now, here he is:

In the final Mr. Sakurai Presents (see below), the maker of the game revealed how detailed he went into Sora’s moveset and looks. Including using costumes from the main games and referencing all sorts of moves from it.

Sora’s Final Smash pulls a classic scene from the franchise and locks foes behind a door before Sora locks it tight. Though obviously they will be seen again in the battle.

With this monumental addition, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has come to a close. It was a journey from start to finish. With the proclamation that “Everyone Is Here!” to getting long-desired characters like Ridley, Banjo-Kazooie, Sephiroth, and now, Sora. What is there left to say except…Thank You, Sakurai.