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Sony’s The Last Guardian Comes Out Of Hibernation


Originally announced back in 2009, Sony’s The Last Guardian had become somewhat of an industry joke. As the follow-up game to both the critically-acclaimed Ico and the equally revered Shadow of the Colossus, both for PS2, it was the one game every reporter asked Sony about, year after year, only to get the response “we’re working on it.” Everybody wanted it, but everybody also figured it had been buried and the company just wouldn’t admit it.

Today Sony’s 2015 E3 press conference opened with the first glimpse of The Last Guardian since that day in 2009, and not only that, but a confirmed release window at last (2016). The digits alone got a loud audience response.

Gameplay looks just as good as we hoped it would be. You play a boy who resembles Ico and has a giant pet feathery thing that he can talk to using voice commands. The area showed in the cinema displayed what we figured it would — puzzles and environmental obstacles that have to be solved by the pair working together. And it all looked gorgeous.

Further questions (such as which one of them the “last guardian” is) will have to wait for later. But they’re answers we’re actually going to get! The Last Guardian is due out in 2016 for Playstation 4.