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Sony Will Hold Playstation “State Of Play” Broadcast This Monday

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What has Sony been plotting lately, game-wise? We’ll know very soon thanks to State of Play, the first in a planned series of direct video announcements streamed live from the company. The strategy sounds slightly familiar, doesn’t it?

First there was Smash Bros, which begat Playstation All-Stars. Then there came the NES Classic, which begat the Playstation Classic. Finally, there was the Nintendo Direct…and as Sony’s Nintendo knockoffs go, we’re hoping third time is the charm here.

After all, there aren’t many ways to mess up a direct livestream like the type Nintendo has been broadcasting. A man in a suit appears, he bows and gestures his hand forward, the screen fades, and you get a trailer for a cool unannounced game. Not too complicated.

There is no mention of what, specifically, Sony plans to show off, beyond the tease of “new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage” (which goes without saying, guys). We’re hoping for a release date for the open beta of Dreams, Media Molecule’s mindblowing follow-up to Little Big Planet. It was promised for “spring 2019” and according to our calendars, spring has sprung.

We’ve also received word from Atlus that something about Persona 5R will be shared tomorrow….wonder where?

As for where to watch State of Play, Sony has Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts, so just take your pick. The first ever Playstation State of Play will stream live Monday, March 25 at 5 PM Eastern / 2 PM Pacific.