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Sony Giving Away Copies Of Journey And Uncharted Trilogy

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Got a Playstation 4? Then starting tomorrow, you automatically have free copies of two of the PS4’s greatest games (or, for that matter, the PS3’s). Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection will be offered to anyone with a PSN account for the next month. All you have to do is claim the games and they’re yours.

As part of a new program called the Play At Home Initiative, Sony is encouraging console owners to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering free games…much like other companies are currently doing with movies and TV shows. The Uncharted Trilogy alone, being three games in one, contains dozens of hours of content.

“During these days of physical distancing, fans have turned to gaming for moments of respite and enjoyment,” says PlayStation president Jim Ryan. “At Sony Interactive Entertainment, we are privileged to bring this much-needed entertainment. We know this is just one small step and we are thankful to be able to offer this support to our players, our communities, and our partners.”

The irony, though, is that the odds of you owning at least one of these titles already is very high — Journey has been out for nearly a decade, and the Uncharted Trilogy was a pack-in with the PS4 itself for a while. If you don’t have them yet, they may take a little longer than usual to get to you — Sony is purposely throttling Playstation Network speeds to keep consumption low and prevent server downtime.

The Play At Home Initiative is also donating $10 million to indie developers who are experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19. “Independent developers are vital to the heart and soul of the gaming community and we understand the hardships and financial struggles that many smaller gaming studios are facing,” Ryan says. Sony will provide further details on the fund, and how to qualify for it, at a later time.