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Sony Considering Live-Action One Punch Man Film

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He’s blank-stared his way through a hit manga series, a video game and two seasons of television, but One Punch Man isn’t done yet! According to Variety, Sony Pictures is now interested in adapting the series as a live-action movie. Avi Arad and Ari Arad of Arad Productions are producing, and Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner are hammering out the script.

Why Rosenberg and Pinkner? Because they also wrote the two recent Jumanji movies, as well as Sony’s Venom film. In other words, Sony has no other live-action writers.

I feel like AS articles have had to recap the plot of One Punch Man at least seven times in the last two years, but if we must again, then we must: One Punch Man is about Saitama, a man in a world of superheroes who yearned to become one himself. But nothing was going to fall in his lap — All-Might couldn’t give him power because he’s in a different story — so Saitama had to do it the old-fashioned, hard way. He trained and trained for months and months until his body was in top physical form.

…But then when he first stepped out in tights, he discovered he’d actually overdone it. He’s so well-trained that he kills everything by throwing one punch. Now he’s a superhero, just like he wanted, but there’s no challenge. So Saitama spends most of his time walking around with a blank expression and making sardonic comments, only occasionally stepping in to throw his punch when other heroes can’t handle a threat.

Handled correctly, a live-action One Punch Man might not be the dumpster fire some people are dreading. If it was done as a satire of the superhero movie glut, it could be a rather brilliant change of pace. We’ll have to see what Rosenberg and Pinkner come up with.

At least, it makes more sense than trying to make a live-action movie out of One Piece.