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Someone’s Trying To Bring Back The Stone Protectors

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In 1992, troll dolls made a giant comeback. Toy stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves. The leading product of the day was Treasure Trolls, a series of miniature collectibles with fake gems embedded in their bellies. That line was targeted at girls, so all the toy companies figured the first one among them to discover the equivalent “trolls for boys” line would be stupendously rich.

One such attempt was Stone Protectors, which kept the “gems” angle but threw in some Ninja Turtle Party Dude radicalness and called it a day. Developed by Ace Novelties (the same company behind Treasure Trolls), the backstory was of an amateur rock band that got kicked out of every gig they played because they were just so bad at it. One fateful evening the alley they were thrown into turned out to be the same alley containing the Stones of Power, formerly held by an intergalactic warlord.

The band fashioned the stones to their belts, and instantly turned into trolls, with the gems fused to their bellies. They became the Stone Protectors, bestowed with superpowers that not only let them fight crime but enhanced their musical skills significantly, making them the rock stars they always wanted to be. That’s basically the story of the Stone Protectors. And no one cared.

The toyline came and went in 1993, with interest from children being minimal at best. But there was the usual attempt at expanding the franchise…a video game, a syndicated TV series, a comic book line. The comic book lasted just four issues, the Genesis version of the video game was canned and the TV show never aired all its episodes. These days the only thing the Stone Protectors are good for is a stop-motion skit on Robot Chicken about how forgotten they are. (The SNES game has become surprisingly valuable though!)

That didn’t stop a small operation that calls itself Comix.tv from tracking down who owned the IP in this century. It wasn’t Ace anymore — that company was gone and the one that now held the rights was an obscure Hong Kong business that was now in bankruptcy liquidation. Comix.tv picked up the Stone Protectors for a song, and they now own the whole thing…but in the Year Of Our Lord 2021, what can they do with it?

A Kickstarter at least. Since the Stone Protectors were pulled off the market before all of its material was released, Comix.tv is looking to release it properly. The SNES game will be reprinted, the Genesis cart will be produced for the first time, the unaired episodes of the TV show will be put on DVD, the comic book will be collected and they might even produce some new material, but only if stretch goals are met. (As of this writing the minimal goal of $30,000 has not been reached.)

You might be saying, “This sounds like the kind of thing Piko Interactive would do.” Well, guess what — Comix.tv appears to be connected to Piko in some fashion. Surprise, surprise. Maybe we can get the Stone Protectors / Glover crossover we’ve been long overdue for.

The Stone Protectors Kickstarter will be open until April 1.