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Some Confusion Going On With Spider-Man Miles Morales Title

Spider-Man Miles Morales

As noted yesterday, during the PS5 full unveiling event, a brand new title from Insomniac Games was announced in the form of Spider-Man Miles Morales. This next game would focus on the character of Miles Morales as he truly becomes Spider-Man, and everyone was happy about it. However, not long after the announcement was made, a great deal of confusion was had on the internet, as Sony and Insomniac Games had two very different definitions of what the title was.

At first, Sony came out and said that Spider-Man Miles Morales was an “expansion” of the original game with new content and an updated world. This made some people sad, but it also felt understandable given that the original Spider-Man from Insomniac came out in 2018 and Miles Morales is coming out this year and so it would be truly interesting if it was a full-on game.

But then, Insomniac Games came out and made the following statement on Twitter following Sony’s statement:

So in their mind, they’re saying it’s a full-on title, and NOT an expansion. But even with that, fans aren’t sure that it’s a full game either. Many think it’ll be like Uncharted Lost Legacy, or even Xenoblade Chronicles Torna The Golden Country where it’s a self-contained game with a focused story and content, but not a full title.

This again lines up with the timeline. The first Spider-Man game was announced in 2016 but didn’t come out until well into 2018. So even if the team picked up right from where they left off (which doesn’t seem fully likely because of the DLC content), it would be curious if this was indeed the length of the full game.

Not that this is going to be bad, because as Lost Legacy, Torna and other titles have shown, you can have a “side game” be just as good as the original in its own way. But many now have to wonder when Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games will come.

Spider-Man Miles Morales will arrive in Holiday 2020.