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Solo Harley Quinn Cartoon Series In Development At WB

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Has Harley gotten huge enough to support her own series? And where will it be shown?

25 years after Paul Dini and Bruce Timm thought on a whim “let’s make one of the Joker’s minions a woman,” Harley Quinn has taken over the world. Her comic book is one of DC’s top-selling titles, she’s sold tons of merchandise, she’s been in movies, everyone knows who she is, fat men in hockey jerseys have named their children after her, etc. Now there’s talk of a new Batman cartoon centered entirely around Harley.

The image above is actually what they plan on having the series look like, so it won’t be cheap. This would not be the traditional Quinzel who hangs onto the Clown Prince of Crime like a lovesick puppy…it would be the modern interpretation DC has been using; someone who operates independently and on her own terms, and not truly a villain. According to Deadline, Harley’s bestie Poison Ivy will also be part of it, as well as “a whole cast of heroes and villains.”

Arleen Sorkin, the actress who inspired Harley’s creation, retired from acting years ago and is no longer available. Since then, Tara Strong has been WB’s official Harley voice…but she may not get this gig either. Rumor has it Warners is paying the big bucks and gunning for Margot Robbie. Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, whose previous superhero work includes NBC’s failed Powerless, will serve as executive producers.

As for where you can see it…..you’re not gonna like the answer. The Harley cartoon is intended to be an exclusive for the DC streaming service WB is putting together. The third season of Young Justice and the live-action Titans series are both planned to make their debuts there, and now so is Harley. 26 episodes have been ordered.

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