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Solar Opposites Season 3 Trailer Lands On Earth At Last


THE SOLAR OPPOSITES ARE HEADED FOR SEASON 3! It’s about time too. We missed these crazy green guys and their warped perspective on Earthian society. The third season instantly materializes into your home July 13, and you get eleven episodes: that’s ONE MORE than the competition typically brings!

If Solar Opposites looks a wee bit familiar, that’s because it was brought to us by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick & Morty (plus Mike McMahan, who worked on the show and also makes Star Trek: Lower Decks). Since Roiland was responsible for R&M’s drawing style, and voices characters on both shows, Solar Opposites looks exactly the same…but don’t sell it short. In some ways, this show is funnier than Rick And Morty because it gleefully tears apart sci-fi cliches (like the other one) without the shadow of grim nihilism dampening the whole experience (like the other one).

Planet Shlorp was a perfect utopia…until the asteroid hit. One hundred adults and their replicants were issued a Pupa and escaped into The Space, searching for new homes on uninhabited worlds. Korvo and Terry crashed on Earth, stranding them on an already overpopulated planet. Their originally stated goals: to (1) repair the ship and (2) raise the Pupa to maturity, at which point it would devour them and everybody else on the planet. The aliens were really looking forward to this until last season’s finale, when they actually learned what death was. Their goals may have changed this season, from the sounds of it, but we won’t know until the premiere.

And a lot more “traditions” may be busted: one of the clips in the trailer definitely looks like Korvo discovering the human wall the kids have been keeping around. And Terry finds out he was meant to be the Pupa’s main caretaker, not Korvo. Both scenes have the potential to upend the show but…then again, maybe not.

And this won’t be the end, folks, because THE SOLAR OPPOSITES ARE ALSO HEADED FOR SEASON 4! Look for that sometime in 2023.