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Solar Opposites Holiday Special Premieres On Hulu Today

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Planet Shlorp was a perfect utopia…until the asteroid hit. One hundred adults and their replicants were issued a Pupa and escaped into The Space, searching for new homes on uninhabited worlds. Korvo and Yumyulack crashed on Earth, stranding them on an already overpopulated planet. So begins Solar Opposites, the animated Hulu comedy with sixteen episodes spread over two seasons. To get any more, we’ll have to wait well into 2022….or will we?

Surprise — as an early holiday present, you get another Solar Opposites! In the special episode that debuts today, Korvo and Yumyulack are feeling depressed, fearing they will never understand this Earth sensation called “The Christmas Spirit.” Korvo deduces that the answer must be found somewhere in the humans’ media, and that they must journey inside a Christmas movie to obtain it.

Unfortunately the movie they pick is Jingle All The Way, and it doesn’t take long for a majority of the aliens to decide they hate the world the movie takes place in. But they must press onward, because only by delivering a Turboman doll to little Jamie can they discover the essence of Christmas…or something. As usual, they’re bad at this.

The success of Rick And Morty has meant a lot of Rick And Morty knockoffs from competitors, in the grand capitalist tradition. Solar Opposites is the best one, and it’s due in no fault to the involvement of half of R&M’s creator, Justin Roiland. Since Roiland was responsible for R&M’s drawing style, Solar Opposites looks exactly the same…but don’t sell it short. In some ways, this show is funnier than Rick And Morty because it gleefully tears apart sci-fi cliches (like the other one) without the shadow of grim nihilism dampening the whole experience (like the other one).

If you enjoy Solar Opposites as much as we do, the pleasure center of your brain will be pleased to absorb that the series is guaranteed a run through at least 2023. The initial order was for two seasons, but a third season was picked up after the first premiered, and a fourth was ordered last June.