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Smash Bros News: Belmonts, K. Rool, Dark Samus Join Roster

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Early this morning, a new Nintendo Direct was released, this one entirely about Smash Bros Ultimate. There was a lot of good news today — five new characters, a definitive number of stages and more. Let’s dive into it…

Castlevania has come to Smash! Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont are playable characters, and a new stage set in Dracula’s Castle has classic series enemies like mummies, Medusa heads, Death and, occasionally, Dracula himself.

Speaking of stages, Sakurai confirmed the number today: 103 in all, dating all the way back to the eight 1999 stages (which, this time, are rendered in their low-res, low-poly original glory). A new feature called Morph Mode will randomly shift your characters between stages — how frequently it happens depends on your settings.

One major feature of recent Smash games has been their vast and rich library of tunes from classic video game history, and Ultimate has the most ever: over 900 songs will be included in the soundtrack. If one attempted to listen to them all, beginning to end, it would take 28 days. Smash welcomes you to try, with a new feature that will let you listen to the songs in auto-play while the screen is off.

New Assist Trophies: Abra, Mimikyu, Alolan Exeggutor, Marshadow, Knuckles, Gray Fox, the Majora’s Mask moon, Shovel Knight and more. Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series will even stop by, not only as an Assist but sometimes as a boss.

Chrom and Dark Samus are now in the game as Echo Fighters (characters identical in play style to other characters…Richter Belmont is an Echo Fighter of Simon). But before the video ended, Sakurai introduced one new fighter: King K. Rool from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy! K. Rool has not been seen since Donkey Kong 64, which came out the same year as the original Smash.

Overall it was a Direct crammed with details, and it was all from one game. Sakurai knows how to please his fanbase. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases December 7 for Nintendo Switch.